Who makes the best acoustic guitars?

  1. Martin & Co.

Most places/people you ask will normally say there’s nothing quite like a Martin. The sound,craftsmanship and attention to detail is why the Martin ranks in at #1

2. Gibson

The look and tone of a Gibson,the classics that have been recorded using a Gibson..

3. Taylor

Higher sound than a deep,mellow sounding Martin. Personal preference comes into effect here. People say Taylors produce the best timbre.

4. Washburn

quality,rich tone at a reasonable price.

5. Epiphone (If you can’t afford a Gibson)

The closest you’ll get to a Gibson!

6. Fender

Known more for their electric guitars but this shouldn’t be the case as they too have some quality acoustic guitars.

7. Seagull

Value for money. Rich sound, handmade, underrated.

8. Yamaha

Reliable and will serve you like a man’s best friend!