What’s in a Name – Cool Acoustic Guitar Brands

What’s in a Name – Cool Acoustic Guitar Brands

One of the most popular music instruments of all time is the Acoustic Guitar.

Over time many guitar makers have manufactured and released really cool acoustic guitars, which have earned rave reviews from the music community.
Here are some of them:

Martin Guitar and Co.

This family-owned company has been making guitars for over 150 years now, and is considered one of the best guitar manufacturers, thanks to the quality craftsmanship that goes into every Martin guitar.

Not only do these guitars sound superb they also look and feel amazing. Small wonder Martin Guitars are considered the Rolls Royce of the guitar market.

Taylor Guitars

Specializing in acoustic, classical and electric guitars, Taylor has always been a trusted name because of its high quality build & components.

Known to produce clear, rich and vibrant sounds each each Taylor guitar is skillfully crafted to provide many years of guitar playing satisfaction.

Gibson Acoustics

Takamine Guitars

The Takamine Company started with building mandolins and classic guitars, then slowly evolved to include acoustic and electric guitars.

Continuous innovation and an unending pursuit of musical excellence are what drive the Takamine brand.

Starting out as a humble family-run guitar shop in Sakashita Japan, the company has since grown into one of the biggest names in the guitar-making industry.

Cimarron Guitars

If custom-made acoustic guitars are your cup of tea, then Cimarron a brand to consider.

Operating since 1978 in southwest Colorado, Cimarron Guitars is famous for its Model P, a small parlor guitar that is perfect for finger style picking, chordal passages and even studio recordings.

This company is also well known for its old school and sturdy construction, and its use of types of woods such as American Black Walnut, Indian Rosewood and Honduras Mahogany, among others.

Di Giorgio Guitars

Famous for classical guitars used in playing bossa nova, Di Giorgio Guitars also offer steel-stringed acoustic guitars that are on par with the leading models of today.

Based in Brazil, Di Giorgio Guitars have been charming the world with its special line of classical guitars producing amazing tones with a loads of character along with an incredibly low action that make playing them a real joy.

Landola Guitars

Established in Finland in 1942, Landola has been making guitars with its own working methods that yield only the highest quality guitars.

These Finnish guitars are the handiwork of skilled luthiers who use heat-treated Finnish wood in many of their acoustic models.

Goodall Guitars

Anyone who has played a Goodall guitar knows that it is too awesome to pass. If you are a true-blue acoustic guitar player, a Goodall would make a very good addition to your collection.

You will never go wrong with a Goodall, with its great overtones and lively sound.

Olson Guitars

Olsons are yet another highly regarded group of guitars but priced way above what the common guitar player and lover can afford – probably the result of the amazing craftsmanship that goes into each Olson guitar.

Art and Lutherie Guitars

Art and Lutherie prides itself in being making handcrafted guitars using 95% Canadian wood.
Some of these woods include wild cherry, silver leaf maple, cedar, spruce and arched rosette.

All these kinds of wood bring out a bright and unique sound, thanks to the solid tops that ensure maximum harmonic vibration.

Art and Lutherie acoustic guitars are made in varying shapes and sizes, for beginners, intermediate players and even experts.

What makes an acoustic guitar cool? Many things – and these things can vary greatly from one type to another.