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Their First Guitar: Buying Tips for Kids’ Guitars

If you think your kid has the potential to be a whiz when it comes to guitars, you know purchasing a beginner guitar will be a worthwhile purchase.

For one, he or she will be able to practice all the skills needed in order to master the six-stringed instrument. Furthermore, guitar-playing is indeed an enjoyable and more importantly a creative way for your kids to pass the time.

Buying a guitar means you will have to deal with your budget and your child’s outlook.

Prepare yourself with a bit of knowledge and negotiating skills and you might be able to find one that has all the great factors of a working beginner guitar. Read the rest of the article for some helpful tips.

Get the right guitar                                                                                                                           

Guitars are divided into two kinds; the acoustic type and the electric. Selecting between the two should be your kid’s first decision.

Each type has its benefits as a beginner instrument but remember that your child is the one who should decide on what kind guitar he or she should choose.

An electric guitar for a folk-song loving kid might hamper the child’s interest in pursuing his or her interest.

Majority of children who occupy themselves learning certain pursuits are often encouraged to maintain it as they start to produce a piece of art, master specific sports or create their own songs.

This makes them inspired to play better and surpass their learned skills each day. When your kid aspires to be a musician, they deserve to get a kids’ guitar with a good sound and decent playability.

Get a Size That Fits

One great method to get a good size is to try out the instrument. However, if this option is not available, you can instead remember these numbers.

  • Ages 4 to 6 – 30-inches
  • Ages 6 to 9 – 34-inches
  • Ages 9 to 12 – 36-inches
  • Ages 12 and above – a standard model will do

Kids’ Acoustic Guitars

Beginner acoustic guitars are usually reasonably-priced. This makes them a great option for children who are just starting out in the game and it’s ideal if ever your kids gets tired of pursuing music and instead, wants to try out other interests.

However despite its budget price, you should still get one that won’t compromise quality. A guitar model with nylon strings is recommended for beginners, particularly children because they are easier to handle.

Acoustic guitars require higher action thus kids have to press down on the strings firmer which can cause cramping. This and the probability of blisters might also daunt your kid.

The shape and body of a model is crucial; consider your kid’s size since they might not be able to deal with a standard-sized guitar. A model with a smaller size or something that’s designed for children’s use will suffice.

Though a slighter body is a good option, keep in mind that the projection and overall sound might not be as strong as a conventional dreadnought-style model. Another option will have to be a model with a reduced scale.

Kids’ Electric Guitars

Electric models are easier to handle and play than acoustic ones. On an electric guitar, the height among the fingerboard and the strings is shorter and only requires a slight touch to hit them notes, which means kids will have it easier with electric guitars.

However, it can be more expensive than an acoustic one since you would have to pay for an amplifier. And they can get pretty loud so if you don’t want your kids practicing on their shredding abilities in the middle of the night, you can curb this issue with headphones that they can plug in the amplifier.

Which means you have to dole out more cash for those additional gear. If your kid wants an electric guitar so badly, you can check out value packages. They are usually reasonably-priced and each package comes with an amplifier, power cable, tuners, gig bag and picks among others.