Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Are you interested in learning how to play the guitar but a bit hesitant investing on an expensive model? Then Rogue’s RA-090 might be worth the look.

It is an instrument that’s light on the pocket, in fact the brand constantly manufactures reasonably-priced guitars and this one is designed for beginners especially.

You don’t have to settle for subpar models with a bad overall sound; musicians are supposed to develop an ear for appropriate sound thus a guitar that will lead you to that direction will help you tons as a fledgling musician.

To know more about this particular model, follow the rest of this review.


  • 6 strings
  • Dreadnought-style body
  • 8-inch scale length
  • Nato neck
  • Painted maple bridge and fingerboard
  • C-shaped neck
  • 20 frets
  • 3-inch nut width
  • 16-inch radius
  • Covered tuners
  • Nickel hardware


Rogue features a good deal on the RA-090 and it’s designed as an entry-level model for those starting out in the guitar field. Its overall length and circumference provides a well-adjusted tone with lots of projection that’s audible on all corners of a room.

This affordable dreadnought model is designed with a whitewood form, offering ample mid-range oomph. The model’s other parts like the neck, nut width and radius all lend a hand with complex fretboard action when scaling the 20 frets.

Furthermore, it is built with covered tuners and nickel hardware, which makes for an overall decent guitar when it comes to aesthetics. The fit and finish is excellent, the finish nicely done without the appearance of blemishes anywhere on its glassy figure.

In terms of sound, the RA-090 provides fullness, depth of tone and a mid-range that is packed with clearness, intricacy and a well-adjusted treble. All of those mentioned factors all fuse together to create a guitar model that surpasses almost all budget offerings.

It sounds well-balanced; you will notice no unnecessary resonance in the middle, treble and bass. You can strum or pick at chords and the stable sound is there, flat sounds are unheard of in this guitar.


There were no complaints from most users who have bought and tested the guitar, although one did say that the headstock of the model felt out of place but thankfully the tuners’ chrome finish all made up for it.


Now that we have covered all the elements that makes the Rogue RA-090, we can say that the model is something that beginners should invest on. It is an exceptional lightweight dreadnought guitar that is designed especially for beginners who have never been into the instrument before.

Handling the guitar will be easy as pie for them due to its construction and more importantly, the sound it provides indeed wins.

There had been plenty of positive praise for this model online as witnessed on rave reviews and this speaks plenty about its value from amateurs who have played the guitar and even music teachers/professionals loved it.

The bridge of the model has a great finish and its neck was a comfort to play. Movement is decent as well and all its takes is some moderate finger pressure to fret notes throughout the fretboard, thereby making the model one of the most uncomplicated instruments to practice with.

The tuners moved easily and was even capable of holding a melody very well.