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Disney Frozen FR705 Acoustic Guitar

Music is an enjoyable pastime, Disney’s Frozen Acoustic Guitar[/easyazon_link] is a model designed especially for children. It features all of the items your son or daughter needs to learn how to play the instrument and its size is perfect for smaller frames too.

Promote creativity among children through music, and playing the guitar is one way to enhance their imagination.

Learning from an instrument decorated with distinctive images from Disney’s most popular movies will surely get the interest of your kids. Read on and find out why this is a perfect gift for youngsters.


The model features decent playability and comfort and provides a good sound too. It has patented string post covers to safeguard your little one’s smaller fingers. Its lower string movement also promises easy, straightforward playing.

  • Frozen design
  • Classic guitar body style
  • Contains chord cards
  • Contains string post cover
  • Contains string post stickers
  • 90-day warranty
  • Blue color
  • Made from wood material


Providing children easy access to musical instruments is a great idea to further hone their creativity. There are plenty of musical gadgets that you can give your kids from xylophones, bells, finger cymbals, small bongos, tambourines, sand blocks and kids’ guitars.

In this review, we are going to discuss the Frozen Acoustic Guitar. First Act provides this model and it contains all of the charm of a toy but with the working features of the real deal.

It is designed from wood and has an overall blue color to represent the Disney movie, Frozen and includes major characters from the movie too like Elsa, Anna and Olaf.

The guitar is a low-stringed model and it lets your amateur musician learn the instrument in an easy, straightforward manner. The chord cards are there to help teach kids how to play chords with no trouble.

The model has a number of purposes, it helps in developing:

  • fine motor skills by way of strumming specific strings and conveying chords.
  • motor skills by way of studying ways to play music and it strengthens capability.

With this instrument, kids and their friends and family can sing and play together, which makes for a pleasant and entertaining quality time. As for its sound quality, the guitar has a nice tone, but do not expect professional level sound.

After all, it is a children’s beginner guitar designed to help them learn to play and perhaps deepen their interest.


The guitar lacks a tuning device, even though it includes stickers which labels each string note. You might have to tune the instrument by the ear or purchase a tuning gadget.

This is a good suggestion meant to be taken into consideration by the company since appropriate tuning for guitars is always important whether the model is designed for kids or professionals.

It does not include a pick and a guitar strap, which means parents have to purchase both items but these can be bought cheaply.


This is a great way to introduce your child to a musical instrument. They will be familiar with the frozen element and surely want to play around with it. Who knows, after some time they may be asking for a real guitar and be on their way to becoming the next jimi Hendrix! Okay, maybe that’s a bit far fetched but overall it’s a good way to get your children to appreciate the art of the guitar.

Disney’s Frozen Acoustic Guitar