How to safely remove acustic guitar strings - Eric explains how!

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My name is Eric and my aim with this site is to give you simplified guitar & music advice.

Guitar Muso was established in 2016, with the goal to provide actionable information plus easy to understand music & equipment advice.

Ideally, I want Guitar Muso to engage and communicate simply with our readers, giving you the chance to not only absorb what we offer but also contribute to the site through informative comment and feedback.

My Story So Far

I grew up loving the sound of music and although I had a very average childhood I created my own wealth via a passion for sound and song, strumming my first tune on a compact nylon six string at age 4.

From there began a journey of performance – whistling, singing & guitar playing that transformed an ordinary youth into one of pure magic.

Since then, in the years since i started playing guitar & performing, it has taken a lot of trial and error to settle on a sound and style i feel completely comfortable with but the result of having that experience has allowed me to share my insights & help many other people progress towards their own music goals.

Today, im a musician in my own right either playing as a one man band or collaborating with other established musicians and bands to play and perform locally in Ireland.

Given that there is so much information out there with regards to Music, at Guitar Muso we have set ourselves a clear principle to provide you with a single place to get music and equipment advice, without the confusion that you might find elsewhere.

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