5 steps to becoming a better guitarist

There is always room to improve in life no matter what it is so why not read these few tips to try and improve your guitar skills!

Jam with other musicians. Playing with other musicians will improve you feel, touch and improvisation immensely. Obviously, it’s hard to always find musicians to play with but there is always the option to play along with virtual accompaniment through apps like GarageBand etc. Play along to your favourite songs. Also,try to play along to some songs outside of your comfort zone to enhance your skills.

Record yourself. Recording yourself makes it easy to listen back to yourself with fresh ears and decipher your strengths and weaknesses in your own guitar playing.

Get Lessons.  In a world where youtube guitar tutorials and online tabs/chords have become so popular, nothing can beat one-to-one lessons with an experienced, top quality guitar teacher. A good teacher will be able to improve your guitar skills and try to get rid of any bad habits you may have.

Try new things. Whether it’s a new riff or chord, lick or song, scale or different tuning. Try to learn something new every day or atleast every week. This will vastly improve your ability to play to different styles,keys and tempos.

Be confident. Don’t let people’s opinions deter you from playing guitar. Everybody has their own taste in music and just because somebody might not like your style that doesn’t mean there isn’t somebody else out there who will love it! Even if you’re a very basic guitarist be confident in that and express yourself through your music.